Mini Session GUIDE!





1. My goal is for you to enjoy your session and have fun! I want you to almost forget I’m taking your picture so I can capture those authentic moments but also photograph those magical moments in black and white

2. My style is candid based, but I will gently pose you with prompts and make sure you are represented well! I will get a few of those lovely smiling shots of course too if you fancy!

3. Requests for special photos are always welcome when attainable! However, no photo is guaranteed due to the nature of a photo shoot or if opportunities are missed, Share More Studios is not liable.

4. I will help with any outfit decisions, if you need, annnnd there is a starter guide below too specific to minis!

5. Your session time will be 5-10 minutes. Please try to arrive on time, so that we can use the full amount of your session time needed and sessions will be back to back!

6. Your gallery will be delivered via link through Pixieset with full download instructions and access to purchase prints from my print lab!

7. Photos taken during your session may be used on Share More Studios web/print platforms, but if you are not comfortable with this, let me know! 

8. All photos in the gallery are final as agreed upon by the payment of the session. Any wish for additional photos beyond the delivered gallery will be an extra fee per photo.

9.You may use your photos on social media platforms, but I kindly ask, do not screenshot photos from gallery, put filters over top of images, or crop/edit your images drastically from your gallery. This represents a false quality of my work.

10. Images are taken and edited to the creative discretion of Share More Studios. Raw photos are not given under any circumstances ( I like you to have a perfectly finished photo!)

11. The client is responsible for the downloading and keeping of the photos once delivered. Galleries are only posted for one year. 

12. I do ask for clients to kindly tag me when sharing their photos on social media. That helps me more than you know!

13.Most importantly! I want to capture memories that make you feel, that tell part of your story and that you cherish forever! I am so beyond thankful for this opportunity to work with you!

Special notes for Our session

The Space | Added details

+ Your Session will be happening with a white backdrop with studio feels
+ please plan to bring other shoes than your street shoes so we don't get the backdrop all dirty :)
+ The space where photos will be held will be in the Mother Madeline Wisor Dining Hall at Calvary Church of God on Hogback Hill.
+ The address is 2373 Hogback Hill, Mineral Springs
+This space is accessible by ramp which I love!

Check out More about Charged here

So now what?

Let's go over how to rock your session, a quick talk on outfits! Below are outfit and session tips!

Let's Talk Outfits!

+ what you wear will depend largely on "feel" you are going for!

+ I am not in the business of "telling" you what to wear, I want you to feel like YOU, I want these memories to be something YOU cherish! HOWEVER, the patterns you wear can change the overall look and feel of your session!

Since this session will be all black and white, color won't matter so much think more Dark vs. Light and the look you want!

+ BUT First, Choose something you feel comfortable and confident in! 

+ If for a family shoot, Sometimes choosing one persons outfit and building from there helps. Usually, I recommend choosing an outfit for the most difficult to dress person first (I am the most difficult in my family!)

+ Choose patterns or just colors you love even though it will be in black and white. When you feel good in your outfit it translates into the photo!

+ Mix and match! have some in patterns and some in solid colors if you want!! Mix checkers, with solids and even stripes

+ Remember this is just a guide, change it up if you’d like!

+ think of what “feel” you want with your session, moody? Fun? Calm? Lightness or dark colors and patterns help with that!

+I am always here for more personalized help and can make you a style board!

S0me Things to steer away from

+graphic tees or large logos on shirts (though sometimes needed for the feel of the session etc like cool band tees and denim you know! )

+Something that could distort in your camera like extremely small patterns etc!

+clothing that is restrictive or makes you feel not confident, unable to move, or too tight etc.

+everyone wearing the same color or pattern like all black shirts or all plaid

Some Outfit Inspiration below

Use the arrows to look at some outfit inspo! (these are just A FEW examples! Like I mentioned the possibilities are endless!)

Still not sure?

I am always here! You can email me photos of options and I can help you put them together or find the right items or you can always text me at 814.553.8529

Annnnd also here is a few in color for when you have difficulty thinking of outfits in black and white!

A FEW REMINDERS + Tips for your Session

+ Remember my style is very candid and more about real life moments. I may give you prompts that at first sound funny or even sometimes a little silly but I always have your best interest in mind!+ Remember, let the moments happen, its okay to be silly and yourselves! I got you!

+ If children aren't looking just love on them more and let me get the moment!

+Don't be afraid to laugh and act on the prompts I give you! I have your best interest in mind and will make sure you look phenominal!

+ I want you to have fun!! These photos should be about making memories too, lets do that together

+ Let me know if you had any must haves hopes for photos, you maybe forgot to mention.

+ Be yourself, these are your memories! If you are trying to be someone else, that translates in the photos. You, just as you are, that is what I want to capture, you are worthy of having your picture taken and I want to convince you of that!

.+ Alrighty, now take a big breathe in, exhale, and lets have fun!