Location Ideas for your Session!

These ideas are for local sessions to Centre County and surrounding regions. However if I have a session with you that I am traveling for, we will work together to find the perfect spot!

Location Ideas for your Session!

These ideas are for local sessions to Centre County and surrounding regions. However if I have a session with you that I am traveling for, we will work together to find the perfect spot!

Let's get thinking!

For your session you have the unique opportunity to make this time totally special and catered to you! These are just a few local locations to help get the ideas rolling, remember, a location is what we make of it! You may have been to a location before, but you may not have seen it through my eye :) + a location can greatly change the feel of your session, but so can an activity! I always welcome extra things like props, food, etc!


A few questions to help you think!

+ Do you have any locations that are special to you that could be considered? We can talk about them!! Even if you feel it's not "aesthetically pleasing" There is beauty and potential everywhere!

+ What feel do you want for your session? This will help you decide on the spot for your session! Calm, Vibrant, woodsy, city feels, energetic, water colors, sunny and bright, shaded?

+ Will you be adding anything to your location? (florals or props?)

+ Would you like more than one location if you're having a full session?

+ What is something you love to do yourself or with your partner, or family? Could this be something we do during your session? (celebrate with a certain food or drink, taco bell? go somewhere fun? play games, hiking to our spot? get in a canoe? so many possibilities!)

Local Location Ideas

Brady Street Collective!


+ Warm Brick and beautiful lighting! Right next to cool downtown Dubois spots like a Aegis coffee shop and great city feel photo opportunities!

+ Can rent hourly or purchase a more specialized elopement package

The View


+ Bright and beautiful spaces, great outdoor spots with a beautiful view as well!

+ Can rent hourly!

Your Home, A Hotel, Or Airbnb

+ Your home is truly special because it is your space! Moments can be more intimate and also indoors or outdoors! Play a game, wash the car, snuggle up on the couch, read a book, bake, maybe you have a perfect spot in your yard!

+An airbnb or hotel do come with extra cost but are also fun to have a beautiful space!

A Greenhouse!

+ SO many photo opportunities at different greenhouses in the area! On occasion this also comes with added fees. But, they are often warm and cozy!

The Arboretum at Penn state or The Alumni Garden

+ SO many photo opportunities at each location! Beautiful florals trees and fields, beautiful buildings, opportunities for lots of fun and fun photos in the surrounding area too

Atelier Bellefonte or Rentable Studio

+Atelier in Bellefonte is a beautiful natural light studio with lots of prop options available too! Right in the heart of Bellefonte and available for hourly rental!

+ there are also some rentable studio spaces in the area or I too can transform a space in my home into a studio.

Cold Stream


+ Cold Stream has some really dreamy spots even in more secluded areas and trails that make for calm and whimsical feels, I would be happy to show!

+ there is everything from magical forests, to water, open field feels!

+ I have countless sessions that no one would know they happened at cold stream because it truly is so versatile.

A State Park + PA Wilds+ Curwensville Lake


+ Every year I purchase my permit for Black Moshannon State Park. It has multiple fun spots with so many different feels!

+Curwensville lake is beautiful and has so many options from forest and field feels to the beach and boat docks!

Please keep in mind I have to purchase a permit to any state park I go to. This does cost extra and take extra time to get the permit and would need to be done in advance. This may require additional cost for you.

+Canoe Creek State Park has both by the water and these old Limestone furnaces that are really neat!

+The PA wilds though do not require a permit!

Boalsburg PA

+ The Military Museum in Boalsburg has a dreamy patch of tall trees and a beautiful feild!

+ Calvary Harvest Fields is like your one stop shop for fields, forests, small beach/water etc! All easy to get to!

+ Blue Spring Park in Boalsburg is a magical spot with a willow tree and so pretty!

Field locations

+ Each so different in different seasons.

+There are a few both public and private fields that have great sunsets in and around our areas depending where is closest for you!

As mentioned above there is:

+ The Military Museum in Boalsburg

+ Calvary Harvest Fields

+ Philipsburg has a great field with amazing views

+ there are multiple feilds in the west branch and clearfield areas too

+ Behind clearfield lock haven is an amazing field with a view!

+My home! Every year I grow a little patch in my yard that is like a field but just on a small scale and has amazing sunsets!

+and so many more!

Locations with a view

+There are many locations locally with a view+ fields rocks etc locally and of course further! I would love to explore options with you! Here are a few to start:

+Canoe Creek state Park

+Chimney rocks in Hollidaysburg

+Behind Lock haven Clearfield

+The top of a parking garage

+Calvary Harvest Fields

+Lawrence Recreation Park

City + Town Feels

+There are so so many places for this.

-Downtown Philipsburg, Bellefonte, Clearfield, Curwensville, Hollidaysburg

+City Feels: Altoona, State College, Dubois are all great and hold so many options

+Bellefonte has the Talleyrand Park which is so cute!

+ We can be so versatile in our session in a city or town because theres just so much to see and do!

+ If you are looking for elegance, dress up and be glam, we will find glamorous buildings and have fun!

+ Dress casual and just have fun, the options are endless!

A rooftop or parking garage

+May sound weird but there are some COOL parking garage rooftops around.

+There are many in State college and has awesome views and is always vacant on the rooftop! After, you could go exploring in the city, or to the arboretum stop at a parking garage, or have your entire session here, The options are endless!

A Diner, Coffee Shop, Ice Cream Shop, Pizza Place!

+Brewery, bar, restaurant, food truck etc!

+Okay here me out, food makes for fun times! It is fun to be creative and let yourself feel comfortable with the ones you love.

+we can be inside outside let's just have fun and eat food! Of course prior permission is required haha!

A theatre, laundromat, Favorite business place

+...Car wash, gas station, the list really could keep going here!

+sounds silly maybe, but these sessions are always amazing. I like to think outside the box and be unique!

Some Place Unique

+The baseball field or basketball court

+The playground

+Apple orchard or flower field

+your vegitable garden

+the farm

+the library

+build a fire

+Your garage haha or your car!

+A special road

Honestly, the options remain endless because you and your story are unique!